As Within, So Without (#9)

As Within, So Without (#9)

Limited Edition Monoprint


36"x 30"   monoprint


(9 of 10)

***Get your monoprint framed for an additional $300. Select "As Within, So Without - Framing" choice along with your monoprint choice.

Stillness Rising is comprised of 2 image-based series:

Iris Aflame: 26 hand signed and numbered prints measuring 30” x 22”

As Within, So Without: 10 hand-signed and numbered prints measuring 36” x 30”

Much like Chinese calligraphy, each Monoprint is the result of a single spontaneous outflow of pure idea, not formulated on words but on movement and flow. Paint was mixed; brush and palette were kept on hand as application tools. I waited in silence for the stillness to arise within me. It was this knowing energy that drove my actions and directed the motion of my hands upon the paper.