“Ethos” came about because I wanted to examine and revisit an area of my own artistry, which I felt had become lost to me.

Lost, was the personal clarity I would “get” from working with lines. Line work.

And what do I mean by “line”? A line is a formed edge, a beautiful expression made by placing the simplest of marks on a surface. From the un-manifest to the manifest, from nothing to something, a line is, to me, a physical delineation borne of creative drive.

Over the years, as my signature palette and brushwork continued to grow ever brighter and broader, I began to miss the simplicity and elegance of charcoal drawings. Simplicity, for even a burnt vine can produce a charcoal mark, takes me back, way back, to the primordial words of a fledgling Mankind… I AM. Elegance, because the expression of the vine as guided by the vehicle of the human hand imposes its geographical mark unto the paper with an accuracy that can only be described as such.

Color, in contrast, is seductive, and for me, it is about speed. Using color had a way of making me only want to add even more color, driving me with the force of a locomotive as I hastily moved from one end of the canvas to another, lest I forget what the next successive colorful application was to be. Layer upon layer, I would build rich textures, one color imposed over another; that build up would continue until the initial spontaneity of the underlying drawing was eventually gone, suffocated beneath layers of paint.

Having found myself wanting to create something simpler – more linear – yet lush and with richness of detail, I have, with this series, intentionally shown the structural drawings that exist underneath the completed works. I have also abstained from adding any color, so as not to link this series to my past works.

Returning to charcoal invokes inclusion of sepia and yellow ochres, the renderings themselves are large charcoal paintings on canvases. The palette is quiet and duo-toned. Refinement, per the adage “ Less is More,” reigns.

These paintings are intensely personal, a reflection of my current state of Want: I wish to simplify aspects of my persona, my experiences, and my life.

Having established my process and methodology, I simplified my responses to what called for expression. This expression was free of any concerns related to style, color, references to past work, or any self-imposed demands of expressionism. These resulting works reflect the unknowns – and this is exciting to my soul.

Along with these explorations, my personal psychology and worldview inspire me to delve deeper into my relationship with people and the concepts we hold as a collective consciousness. I am exploring lifelong ideas, influences, inspirations, and supposed truths I have held onto throughout my life, and I am beginning to see how much my perspectives have changed. I am no longer the person I believed myself to be. In truth, CHANGE is the only constant in my life. And it’s always been there. Ironically, change is forever changing; but, being consistent and therefore reliable, change will always exist, regardless of circumstance.

Having recently gone through a few rounds in my fight against cancer, I have begun to put into place what it is I now believe I know about myself, the world, and my ideas on God, or the Supreme Being, or Krishna.

This exhibition is the first of an artistically manifested, ongoing inner dialogue. And there will be more. I will be exploring man’s relationship with the animal kingdom, our relationships with our personal selves, with each other, with religion, and I will explore motifs on artificial intelligence and concepts of extra terrestrial life.

And this last area of creative exploration? It holds potential to upset our entire history, as well as all existing religions. Were we to find out that we were not, are not alone, and that we’ve been led to live a lie, is certainly a daunting arena. To me, it is irresistible.